Abacus (Non-feminized seeds)
Abacus (Non-feminized seeds)
Abacus (Non-feminized seeds)
Abacus (Non-feminized seeds)

Abacus (Non-feminized seeds)

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Explore the ancient wisdom of cultivation with Abacus Non-feminized Hemp Seeds. Blending traditional resilience with modern cultivation techniques, these seeds offer robust growth and rich terpene profiles. Ideal for those embracing the full spectrum of hemp farming, Abacus is your key to a bountiful, diverse harvest.

Aroma: This CBD-rich variety, abundant in terpenes, presents a spicy aroma that is distinctly sharp to the senses.
Flavors: Boasting a remarkable indica-dominant taste, its lineage can be traced to Pakistani origins. The flavor is notably potent, appealing even to seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.
Appearance: The buds are laden with resin, showcasing a dense structure tinted in deep purple and hints of blue, varying slightly among phenotypes.
Back Story of Strain: It stems from the Torabora line by DNA Genetics, involving a cross between Cali Connections' LA Confidential and an X18 Pakistani indica. Subsequently, it was crossed with ACDC.
Size & Style: This strain is notably hardy, flourishing in the presence of pests, heat, and cold. It produces large, visually stunning purple buds.

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