Acai Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Acai Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Acai Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Unleash the exotic fusion of flavors with Acai Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Marrying the rich undertones of acai berries with the potent kick of diesel, these seeds promise a unique and powerful cultivation journey. Delve into the world of Acai Diesel and experience cannabis cultivation that's as vibrant as it is potent.

Aroma: The aroma of this strain is remarkably distinctive within your mixed cannabinoid series, featuring a blueberry fragrance with an aromatic blend of sweat, blood, and tears.
Flavors: Upon consumption, the strain delivers an enticing flavor experience, with a mouthwatering inhalation that evokes the imagery of enjoying an acai bowl in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, complemented by the sensation of pouring a Blue Moon beer right up your nostrils.
Appearance: This strain is a visually striking garden centerpiece, characterized by sturdy and thick stems. The fan leaves on this plant are arranged in an outward-facing manner, making it easy for defoliation and overall garden maintenance.
Back Story of Strain: Our BBP, a noteworthy creation within the THC category, is an achievement of which we are proud. The Orange Sunrise strain consistently boasts over 3.5% terpenes. The fusion of these distinctive profiles is a realization of a long-held dream.
Size & Style: The plants in this strain exhibit healthy internodal spacing, large fan leaves, and vigorous stretching during the initial two weeks of the flowering stage.

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