Amblyseius cucumeris - Thrips Predator

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Thrips Predator

Prevent Thrips From Becoming Established With This Excellent Predator.

Amblyseius cucumeris predatory mites are primarily thrips predators, but will also feed on a range of mite species in different environments. Tan colored and about 0.5mm long, they can be slow to establish - 4-8 weeks under ideal conditions - meaning they are best used for prevention and low-level management of thrips infestations. Control is often seen 3 weeks after release. They will find alternate food sources* in the absence of prey. It is important to pair A. cucumeris with a suitable mite predator for control of any of the listed pest mites if populations are established.

Target Prey:

  • Immature Thrips

  • Two-Spotted Spider Mites

  • Cyclamen Mites

  • Broad Mites

Key Features:

  • Wide range of food sources.

  • Highly compatible with S. scimitus, rove beetles and minute pirate bugs for thrips control.

  • Often combined with A. andersoni for mite control.

  • Sustain themselves in low pest levels.

  • Multiple release types allows for variable uses in different growing environments.

Optimal Conditions:

68°-77°F, 65-70% relative humidity

Release Rates & Recommendations:

Release A. cucumeris when thrips populations are low. Early season monitoring can be done with blue or yellow sticky traps. Moisture and humidity help increase hatch rates; however, sachets should be kept dry when applying. Do not use with A. swirskii. Some crops, including tomatoes & other highly resinous crops, require higher release rates.

Preventive Release Rates:

Make initial releases before thrips issues develop to allow A. cucumeris to establish. This can take 4-8 weeks.

  • Shaker Tubes in Vermiculite/Bran: 10-20 mites per sq. ft. or 100-200 per square meter. Make weekly broadcast applications.

  • Mini-Sachets/Sachets on Sticks: Apply one sachet per propagation tray or plant. Repeat applications every 4 weeks.

Spot Treatment Release Rates (Acute Treatment):

Use when isolated areas of pest pressure are present.

  • Shaker Tubes in Vermiculite/Bran: Apply 20-40 mites per sq. ft. (100-400 per square meter). Reapply weekly in broadcast applications until pest issues have subsided.

This Product Controls:

Bean Thrips (Caliothrips fasciatus), Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Thrips**, Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)

* Without prey, N. cucumeris will feed on the eggs and immature life stages of P. persimilis, all stages of A. swirskii along with pollen available on the plants.

** When controlling established thrips populations, consider using Minute Pirate Bugs to gain control and A. cucumeris to maintain control.

* Ships via Overnight methods on Tuesdays Only. Minimum 7-day lead time prior to shipment. *

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