Aphelinus abdominalis - Aphid Parasite

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Aphid Parasite

These Ravenous Beneficial Insects Predate & Parasitize Aphid Nymphs!

Aphelinus abdominalis parasitizes a wide range of aphid species. Use Aphelinus abdominalis in virtually any crop or plant where Potato Aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae) and Foxglove/Glasshouse-potato Aphid (Aulacorthum solani) occur.

Not the best of fliers, these parasitic wasps nevertheless manage to hunt down and destroy significant numbers of aphids. Aphelinus abdominalis aphid parasites not only lay eggs in aphid nymphs, they also eat those that they don't parasitize. This secondary method of killing increases the effectiveness of A. abdominalis when used for aphid control and provides females with additional protein to develop more eggs. This results in increased aphid mortality and more wasp offspring. Use in conjunction with a generalist predator like Green Lacewing or the Minute Pirate Bug.

When the egg hatches into larvae inside the aphid nymph, the aphid swells and hardens into a leathery, grey or brown colored mummy. A. abdominalis are shipped to you in this stage; simply apply the parasites to foliage where aphid infestations are present. Once mature, the adult aphid parasites chew a hole in the back of the mummy and emerge. This species has a relatively long life (several weeks) and is better able to handle high temperatures than the Aphidius species.

Optimal Conditions:

70°-77°, 60-80% relative humidity

Release Rates:

  • Preventative – 2-5 per 100 square feet, weekly

  • Curative – 10-25 per 100 square feet, weekly

This Product Controls:

For use to control aphids, including potato aphid (Macriosiphum euphorbiae), foxglove aphid (Aulacorthum solani), green peach aphid (Myzus persicae), California laurel aphid (Euthoracaphis umbellulariae), cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii), melon aphid (Aphis gossypii), bird cherry-oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi), cereal aphid (Sitobian avenae), and alfalfa aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum).

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