Aphidius ervi - Aphid Parasite

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Aphid Parasite

Use this aphid parasite to prevent outbreaks of larger aphid species in greenhouse environments.

Aphidius ervi will consume all types of larger aphids, especially the potato aphid, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, and the glasshouse potato aphid, Aulacorthum solani. It also parasitizes Myzus persicae var. nicotianae, as well as aphids such as Sitobion sp., Schizaphis sp., Rhodobium sp., Acyrthosiphon pisum and others. Use Aphidius ervi especially when aphid infestations are just beginning as control will be easier to achieve early in the aphid population's growth.

Shipment, Biology and Release:

Aphidius ervi are shipped in a 125 ml bottle that contains at least 250 mummies and adult aphid parasites. The bottle has a ventilated cap for optimum humidity. A sugar-water feeder ring ensures adult survival. Release the emerged adults within 18 hours of receipt.  Adult Aphidius ervi are 4-5 mm long, and black. Female adult parasitic wasps parasitize the aphid. As a result, the aphid swells and hardens into a leathery, grey or brown colored mummy. The first mummies can be seen in the crop approximately 2 weeks after the first introduction.

Release Rates:

Use at the rate of 1 adult per 20-100 square feet for preventative use. 250 mummies (SKU 1001001) is sufficient for 5000-25,000 square feet. Dose rate may be increased 5-fold for hot spots. We recommend that you introduce A. ervi weekly for at least 3 weeks. Monitor weekly for the brown mummified aphids. Supplement your aphid parasite population with further introductions as required; migration from outside may occur in warmer months. When pruning leaves, check for parasitized aphids (brown mummies). If mummies are present, keep these leaves in the greenhouse until new parasites emerge.

This Product Controls:

Aphids (Mult), California Laurel Aphid (Euthoracaphis umbellulariae)

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