Blazimore Orioles CBD Feminized Seeds
Blazimore Orioles CBD Feminized Seeds
Blazimore Orioles CBD Feminized Seeds

Blazimore Orioles CBD Feminized Seeds

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Fly high with the Blazimore Orioles CBD Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Evoking the spirit of the majestic oriole and infused with potent CBD, these seeds promise a cultivation journey that soars above the rest. Embark on the Blazimore adventure and let your garden echo with vibrant hues and therapeutic benefits.

Aroma: This strain offers a unique and intriguing aroma, with elements of smoky paprika, cherry grenadine, and fresh wood and mulch.
Flavors: The flavors of this strain are characterized by a delightful blend of freshly harvested vanilla, maraschino berries, and the earthy tones of alpha-pinene.
Appearance: The strain's visual appeal is striking, with colas that fill out from top to bottom and a color palette featuring shades of purple and magenta.
Back Story of Strain: This cultivar is the result of an in-house selection process that combined Orange Sunrise and Red Robin genetics. Although the lineage may have some ambiguity, it is known for expressing therapy-dominant traits from Resin seeds.
Size & Style: This strain exhibits fast growth and forms large plant structures, making it well-suited for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. It's known for responding well to proper nutrient regimens, which can result in a rewarding and unique cultivar for growers seeking both size and style.

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