Conserve® SC

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Fast & effective insect control

Conserve® SC insect control offers fast, effective control of thrips, bagworms, black cutworms, sod webworms, armyworms and other lepidopterous insects at low use rates in turf and ornamental settings.

Efficient, effective

Conserve® SC insect control is highly active at low use rates. It is active on pests through both ingestion and contact exposure. Target pests exhibit symptoms within minutes of exposure, resulting in rapid cessation of plant or turf damage.

Green chemistry

Spinosad, the active ingredient of Conserve® SC, is derived from the fermentation of a naturally occurring organism and is highly effective on tough-to-control insects such as spider mites or thrips.

Reduced impact

Conserve® SC is friendly to beneficials and causes less impact on certain predatory beneficial insects than many other synthetic control products. Additionally, research and field use have shown no phytotoxicity on ornamentals.

Controlled Pests

Effective control of the following pests and more:

  • Bagworm

  • Black Cutworm

  • Budworm

  • Caterpillar

  • Cone worm

  • Flea

  • Fly

  • Leafminer

  • Midge

  • Moth

  • Oak worm

  • Sawfly

  • Sod Webworm

  • Spider Mite

  • Thrips

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