Deliver Biological Insecticide

Size: 1 lb
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For Control of Listed Insect Pests on Listed Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Cotton, and Soybeans

Deliver Biological Insecticide is a biological insecticide specific for use against the lepidopterous larvae listed on the label. Deliver must be eaten by the larvae to be effective. Since Deliver is most effective against small, newly hatched larvae, an early scouting program to determine early infestations is recommended. After consuming a lethal dose of Deliver, larvae stop eating within an hour, but may remain on the foliage until they die, usually within several days. Affected larvae move more slowly and tend to become shriveled and discolored before dying.

Like most other Bts used to control worm pests, Deliver is based on Bt subspecies kurstaki. However, its higher concentration of Cry1Ac protein results in higher potency and better control of Lepidoptera pests in orchard and vine crops. With 1.5 to 5 times the potency of other Bts, Deliver offers more control power on a pound-for-pound basis. One container of Deliver will cover more area than conventional Bts. This translates to lower application and storage / handling costs.

As with every biological insecticide, coverage is key for effective pest control. The superior wettable granular formulation of Deliver provides uniform dispersion of Bt in spray droplets and facilitates better spreading and sticking. The result is maximum coverage and pest ingestion.

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