Diner Funk Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Diner Funk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Diner Funk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Relish the nostalgic vibes of Diner Funk Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Merging classic diner flavors with a groovy cannabis twist, these seeds guarantee a cultivation experience that's both retro and potent. Dive into the world of Diner Funk and let your garden groove with aromatic beats and robust yields.

Aroma: This strain offers a vibrant and aromatic profile dominated by limonene, carene, and valencene. It delivers a rich, fruity scent reminiscent of a berry smoothie enjoyed on a sunny late Spring or Summer day.
Flavors: The flavor experience is as delightful as the aroma, with notes of sweet and fruity berries. It's akin to sipping a berry smoothie out of a freshly cut pineapple.
Appearance: The buds of this strain are oversized, exceptionally thick, and showcase a deep forest green color. They're adorned with long, thin reddish-orange hairs and a frosty layer of tiny white crystal trichomes.
Back Story of Strain: This strain is a well-balanced hybrid created by crossing Blueberry Pancakes with the classic White Runtz (a combination of Zkittlez and Gelato). The strain is known for its incredibly delicious flavor and long-lasting effects.
Size & Style: This THC-dominant hybrid is an exciting addition to the cannabis landscape. It delivers a rich flavor profile and a well-balanced experience.

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