Double Nickel 55 WDG

Size: 5 lb
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BIOFUNGICIDE - Multiple Modes of Action

Double Nickel 55 Water Dispersible Granular Biofungicide is a broad spectrum preventive biofungicide for control or suppression of fungal and bacterial plant diseases.

Double Nickel 55 Biofungicide is a new generation fungicide and bactericide for control of foliar diseases. For use on fruit and vegetable crops, Double Nickel 55 Biofungicide employs 5 modes of actions, all working in synchronicity. With a superior formulation, Double Nickel can be used at low rates and still achieve excellent control. As a bonus, Double Nickel 55 Biofungicide leaves behind little or no residue.

For use against the following diseases/pathogens:

  • Powdery mildew

  • Sclerotinia spp.

  • Botrytis spp.

  • Alternaria spp.

  • Bacterial leaf spot

  • Bacterial spot and speck

  • Fire blight

  • Xanthomonas ssp.

  • Monilinia ssp.

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