Galendromus occidentalis - Mite Predator

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Mite Predator

This is an excellent mite predator for use in hot and dry cropping environments--particularly effective against spider mites on orchard crops.

Galendromus occidentalis is an effective predatory mite for control of spider mites and other mite species in high temperature, low humidity settings. It is an active predator of mite eggs, nymphs and adults. When compared to P. persimilis, G. occidentalis mite predators are more effective in tree-top releases and on plants with hairy leaves. G. occidentalis is also able to sustain itself on pollen in the absence of a large pest population making it advantageous in a preventive release setting.


Adults are pear-shaped, about 0.5mm long and resemble N. fallacis and N. cucumeris. Coloration ranges from beige to amber/red depending on prey consumed. Look for adults hunting in the daytime along leaf veins and over the whole leaf surface come nightfall. Mite predators are more active than pest mites and can be spotted moving around the plant in search food, while their prey are more stationary as they feed on plant tissue.

Optimal Conditions:

This predatory mites do best in warm weather (80° to 110°F) and prefers 30-60% relative humidity (RH). In temperatures lower than 80°F this mite predator may go into hibernation or slow down consumption of mite. Ideal for use on fruit trees, vegetable, grape and field crops. Adults consume 1-3 pest adults per day.

Release Rates:

Not recommended for use in cool, coastal areas. Some crops, including tomatoes & other highly resinous crops, require higher release rates.

  • Indoors Releases: 1,000 per 500 sq. ft. bi-weekly for 2-3 applications. Release approximately 1 predatory mite per 5 pest mites.

  • Outdoor Releases: 2,000-5,000 per acre bi-weekly for 2-3 applications.

This Product Controls:

Spider Mites (Mult), Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae), Russet Mites, Eriophyid Mites

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