Next Level Horticulture Grow A
Next Level Horticulture Grow A

Next Level Horticulture Grow A

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Soluble Base Nutrient by Next Level Horticultural

What is it?

Our Grow A & B soluble nutrients provide all of the necessary micro and macro nutrients necessary for optimal plant growth during the vegetative stage. Our formulas are pH balanced and made with a blend of high-grade elemental compounds designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition that is immediately available to the plants for uptake and assimilation. Our grow formula works to maximize root growth as well as overall biomass production through select minerals and the balance between them to bring out the full genetic potential in your plants. Get off to a great start with our Grow formula and your plants will be ready to go into bloom like you’ve never seen before.

How + When to use it...

Use throughout the vegetative phase starting from rooted seedlings or clones. Always use equal amounts of A & B. Add the A side first and mix. Once mixed and dissolved into solution, add the B side and continue mixing. Check your solutions EC and pH then water the plants. Make sure to add your source water EC value to the final expected solution EC.

How it Works...

  • By providing a complete and balanced nutrient solution in an easy to use 2 part formula.

  • The product easily dissolves in water and is immediately available for uptake by plant roots.

  • Designed to maximize vigorous plant growth and reduce input costs for growers at any scale.

  • It can be used directly by weighing out just the amount needed or it can be made into a stock concentrate for use with automated injection systems.

  • The nutrient solutions run completely clean through all irrigation/fertigation systems and will not foul up reservoir tanks, irrigation lines or clog up emitters.

  • The product formulation is pH balanced and ideal to use with most water sources without needing to adjust the pH.

Pro Tips...

  • Inoculate your roots with mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria.

  • Keep the products in a dry place and keep open bags sealed in a plastic container to prevent moisture accumulation as the products are hygroscopic in nature. Weigh out the amount needed then immediately close and seal the bags. Do not leave the bags open to the environment for extended periods.

  • The products excel in soil-less substrates such as coco coir and rockwool.

  • Regularly test your media EC and pH to ensure proper levels of nutrition are achieved and maintained.

  • Get your source water analyzed for irrigation suitability.

  • Don’t pay for water. Pay for the nutrients and add your own water.

  • Keep good records.

  • With excellent genetics & Next Level Soluble Nutrients, you’ll be growing at the speed of light!

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