Hasbulla Weed Feminized Seeds
Hasbulla Weed Feminized Seeds

Hasbulla Weed Feminized Seeds

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Step into the arena of potent cultivation with Hasbulla Weed Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Channeling the fierce spirit and charismatic charm of its namesake, these seeds promise a harvest that's as unique as it is robust. With Hasbulla, let your garden stand tall, echoing with strength and character.

Aroma: This strain offers a rich terpene profile highlighted by caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene.
Flavors: It boasts a flavor profile characterized by sweet, pungent pine and pepper notes with hints of cinnamon and diesel.
Appearance: The buds of this strain are striking, featuring bright neon green nugs with purple undertones. They are adorned with yellow-orange hairs and are generously coated in a frosty layer of golden amber crystal trichomes.
Back Story of Strain: This strain is part of the Lemon Cherry Runtz Cross series, known for its exotic coloration and striking bud structure. These crosses aim to deliver high-quality phenotypes with excellent yields, making them highly desirable for growers.
Size & Style: It falls into the low to medium yield category, and its growth style is influenced by its genetic characteristics.

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