Hempster Hemp Feminized Seeds
Hempster Hemp Feminized Seeds
Hempster Hemp Feminized Seeds

Hempster Hemp Feminized Seeds

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Embrace the iconic legacy of hemp cultivation with Hempster Hemp Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Representing the true essence of hemp's rich history and potential, these seeds ensure a growth that's as classic as it is potent. With Hempster, let your garden thrive, echoing the time-honored traditions of hemp farming.

Aroma: This strain offers an aroma reminiscent of starting a campfire in a tropical forest. It combines earthy and smoky scents with a hint of tropical notes.
Flavors: When consumed, the strain presents tropical and fuel-like flavors with a strong pine element. This blend of tastes complements the tropical forest aroma.
Appearance: The plants grown from these seeds produce large, fragrant flowers that are well-suited for the smokable hemp market. In addition, these plants have substantial size, making them suitable for biomass production. As a bonus, they display fantastic fall colors, adding to their visual appeal.
Back Story of Strain: Hempest was meticulously bred to contain non-detectable levels of Delta 9 THC, ensuring compliance with the requirements of states that impose such restrictions. This characteristic makes Hempest a suitable choice for regions with strict THC regulations or for individuals seeking hemp strains with lower THC content. The CBD levels in Hempest can reach into the teens, providing the potential for high CBD yields.
Size & Style: This variety can achieve enormous growth, particularly during the vegetative stage. Under ideal conditions, it can grow at a rate of 1.25 times its height per day.

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