Indigo Sol CBD Feminized Seeds
Indigo Sol CBD Feminized Seeds
Indigo Sol CBD Feminized Seeds

Indigo Sol CBD Feminized Seeds

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Awaken the soul of your garden with Indigo Sol CBD Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Infused with vibrant hues and rich in therapeutic CBD, these seeds promise a journey of growth that resonates with harmony and well-being. With Indigo Sol, immerse in a cultivation experience that reflects the true essence of nature's wonders.

Aroma: Delight in the enticing scents of sweet cherries and garlic pepper, with an intriguing cheesy funk undertone.
Flavors: Experience a spicy flavor profile reminiscent of grenadine-covered garlic and parmesan cheese.
Appearance: This strain boasts marbled shades of green complemented by a range of light to dark-orange pistils.
Back Story of Strain: This strain results from the powerful combination of one of our most stable and reliable genetics, the Superwoman S1, crossed with the indica-dominant Orange Sunrise. It's known for its excellent yield of high-quality smokable flower and its exceptional performance in various climates and environments.
Size & Style: As a balanced hybrid, it is uniquely suited to thrive in diverse climates. This consistent cultivar excels in both yield and performance, surpassing many other hemp varieties and proving its worth to growers.

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