Irish Grapez CBD Feminized Seeds
Irish Grapez CBD Feminized Seeds
Irish Grapez CBD Feminized Seeds

Irish Grapez CBD Feminized Seeds

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Discover the Celtic charm intertwined with fruity essence in the Irish Grapez CBD Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Melding the lushness of grapes with the therapeutic benefits of CBD, these seeds offer a cultivation journey that's both exotic and beneficial. With Irish Grapez, let your garden shimmer with emerald hues and rich flavors.

Aroma: This strain boasts a unique and distinctive aroma characterized by a funky blend of hibiscus tea and blue cheese, complemented by fruity undertones that add depth and complexity to the scent.
Flavors: The flavor profile of this strain is dominated by a cheesy blend of funk on the inhale, followed by a smooth and myrcene-forward exhale. It combines earthy, cheesy notes with the sweet, herbal qualities of myrcene.
Appearance: The strain features large fan leaves and healthy spacing between the dense buds, making it a low-maintenance option for growers. It displays a rich array of colors, including various shades of green, purple, and orange.
Back Story of Strain: This strain is the result of a cross between two renowned varieties: Lucky Lucy and Orange Sunrise. It brings forth the cheesy funk with earthy, peatmoss undertones. Known for its stability and reliability, it thrives in various growing environments.
Size & Style: An easy-to-grow cultivar that accommodates growers of all levels of experience, this strain is characterized by its quick germination and vigorous growth. Despite leaning towards the sativa side, it exhibits a relatively short flowering period compared to other sativa-dominant strains.

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