Jam #5 CBD Feminized Seeds

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Groove to the rhythm of nature with Jam #5 CBD Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Harmoniously blending top-notch CBD content with vibrant growth, these seeds set the stage for a melodious cultivation experience. Dive into the symphony of Jam #5 and let your wellness journey strike the perfect chord.

Aroma: Earthy and natural.
Flavors: Envision a roll of quarters generously coated in grape jelly, baked alongside a dozen doughnuts, and then dipped into a batch of freshly harvested hay.
Appearance: Boasting a bittersweet fade that mimics the beauty of a rainbow on a rainy day, this strain exhibits a diverse array of hues and colors sure to make it an eye-catching presence in the garden.
Back Story of Strain: Derived from a CBD-rich phenotype of Jamaican Lion from Jamaica, it was carefully crossed with Tangistan R4 x Dudes Diesel to cater to outdoor production of smokable in more humid environments.
Size & Style: Featuring healthy internodal spacing and reaching a maximum height of 8 feet and 4 inches, this sativa-leaning hybrid excels in windy conditions, with branches that resist breaking easily.

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