Latte Lato Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Latte Lato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Latte Lato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Sip the essence of creamy sophistication with Latte Lato Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Infusing the comforting notes of a morning latte with premium cannabis genetics, these seeds promise a cultivation journey that's as smooth as it is potent. Dive into the world of Latte Lato and let your garden froth with rich aromas and robust yields.

Aroma: This strain offers an aromatic profile rich in caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool, resulting in a fragrance that evokes a pleasant blend of lavender, lemonade, honey, and lilac, reminiscent of a refreshing and fragrant summer day.
Flavors: The flavor experience mirrors the aroma, as it brings to mind sipping freshly squeezed lavender lemonade with hints of honey and lilac.
Appearance: The strain's buds are characterized by a deep green color with occasional patches of soft, subtle purple. Bright orange pistils add a touch of contrast to the overall appearance, while the buds have a sticky texture, indicating resin production.
Back Story of Strain: This hybrid strain is the product of crossing stabilized homozygous parent lines, resulting in consistent and uniform offspring. The recommendation is to limit vegetative growth to no more than 14 hours of light if cultivated in a greenhouse light deprivation system or indoor flowering room. The strain exhibits generative growth habits and reaches maturity earlier than clonal parent strains.
Size & Style: Known for its high yield potential, this strain is capable of producing generous harvests.

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