Maico Hemp Feminized Seeds
Maico Hemp Feminized Seeds
Maico Hemp Feminized Seeds

Maico Hemp Feminized Seeds

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Rev up your cultivation journey with Maico Hemp Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Inspired by the dynamism of motorsport and precision engineering, these seeds promise robust growth and unmatched vigor. With Maico, let your garden race ahead, achieving bountiful yields and peak performance.

Aroma: This strain features a prominent and rich aroma, with heavy notes of blueberry and raspberry, reminiscent of a freshly harvested garden. The aroma is complex, offering sweetness without sourness, making it particularly appealing to those with a sweet tooth.
Flavors: When consumed, the strain delivers a blueberry-dominant inhale, followed by an equally prominent blueberry flavor upon exhale.
Appearance: The strain's visual appeal is striking, characterized by a beautiful purple fade. It features a tight bud structure and glossy resin production.
Back Story of Strain: This strain is an Inbred Line (IBL) of Berry Blossom and represents one of Trilogene's in-house selections. It boasts high terpene content, excellent uniformity, and full compliance with total THC regulations.
Size & Style: A stable combination of the best Berry Blossom phenotypes, this strain offers a great CBD: THC ratio, high extraction efficiency, and impressive yield.

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