Mesoseiulus longipes - Mite Predator

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Mite Predator

Control spider mites in warm, dry climates! Similar to P. persimilis, but effective in lower humidities.



Mesoseiulus longipes are pear-shaped predatory mites measuring roughly 0.5mm in length. Coloration varies from beige to amber/red. Females are the predominant sex with a ratio of 4 females to 1 male.

Preferred Food:

M. longipes is frequently used for control of spider mites in hot, dry greenhouses as they consume egg, nymph and adult stages. Similar to P. persimilis, M. longipes feed faster than other mite predators.

Optimal Conditions:

Use these beneficial mites with in warm conditions with moderate humidity (65-90°F, RH 40-60%). M. longipes are effective in temperatures up to 100°F, although a comparable increase in humidity is required. Apply these predators in warm greenhouses and interiorscapes with artificial lighting or in outdoor settings with suitable conditions. The lower humidity needs of M. longipes make it ideal for controlling spider mite infestations on taller plants in greenhouses.

Release Rates:

Some crops, including tomatoes & other highly resinous crops, require higher release rates.

  • General Releases – 2,000 per 3,000 sq. ft. bi-weekly, 2-3 times for most greenhouse crops.

  • Horticultural Releases/Bedding Plants – 1,000 per 10,000 sq. ft. biweekly.

  • Indoors – 3,000 per 1,000 sq. ft. bi-weekly, 3-5 times.

  • Large Scale Releases – 5,000-20,000 per acre depending on infestation level.

Mesoseiulus longipes do not do well in outdoor settings. Release should be made indoors or in greenhouses for best results.

This Product Controls:

Spider Mites (Mult), Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae)

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