Socrates Sour Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Socrates Sour Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Socrates Sour Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Delve into the wisdom of nature with Socrates Sour Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Blending ancient philosophy with a tangy sour profile, these seeds offer a cultivation experience that's both profound and flavorful. Embark on an enlightening journey with Socrates Sour and let your garden resonate with depth and taste.

Aroma: This strain boasts a high terpene profile, predominantly myrcene, offering a robust fragrance characterized by earthy and woody notes, complemented by mild floral undertones.
Flavors: The strain's aromatic profile includes prominent woody and earthy elements, along with subtle floral hints. The taste is reminiscent of sweet, gassy berries with a touch of spice.
Appearance: The buds of this strain exhibit a distinctive visual appeal. They feature spade-shaped, tapered dark olive-green nugs with purple-tinged leaves and undertones. These nugs are adorned with long, slender reddish-orange hairs and a coating of small, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.
Back Story of Strain: The breeding process of this strain involves incorporating our OGD (Original Gangster Diesel) genetics to enhance the bud structure, making it easy to trim and suitable for smokable flower production.
Size & Style: Plants of this strain are known for their taller stature and large colas.

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