Sun Run Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Sun Run Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sun Run Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Chase the golden horizon with Sun Run Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Radiating with warmth and vitality, these seeds ensure a cultivation journey that's as invigorating as a morning jog under the sun. With Sun Run, let your garden bask in the glow of premium genetics and bountiful harvests.

Aroma: This strain boasts an aroma that is reminiscent of a hot, blazing orange basking in the Florida sun. The scent suggests the warmth and intensity of an orange fruit ripening under the sun.
Flavors: The flavor profile is described as a bold and intense experience, with notes of citrus and leather. The comparison to being "kicked in the face by Bruce Lee" and tasting his fine leather shoes, along with the sensation of orange juice pouring over one's head, conveys a powerful and memorable flavor.
Appearance: This strain presents a short and stout growth pattern, making it an excellent choice for growers seeking compact plants. The bud's visual characteristics include attractive lime green, purple, and orange tones on the fan leaves. The quick flowering cycle is another notable feature of this variety.
Back Story of Strain: The aim of creating this strain was to develop a genotype with a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio while maintaining a citrusy profile. This strain's lineage combines the rich citrus flavors of Orange Sunrise with the THC-heavy genetics of White Runtz. The result is a unique cultivar that expresses a compact, short-statured growth pattern.
Size & Style: This strain is particularly well-suited for indoor flower production. Its growth style is characterized by large top colas, and it doesn't require extensive trellising or stakes. This makes it an attractive option for indoor cultivators looking for a manageable and rewarding plant.

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