Super Gambit Hemp Feminized Seeds
Super Gambit Hemp Feminized Seeds
Super Gambit Hemp Feminized Seeds

Super Gambit Hemp Feminized Seeds

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Master the art of cultivation with Super Gambit Hemp Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Infused with strategic genetics and a powerful growth potential, these seeds are a testament to the true game of hemp farming. With Super Gambit, let your garden make its winning move, yielding harvests that are both abundant and superior.

Aroma: This strain exudes a prominent limonene-dominant scent reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons, with undertones of grass clippings and spicy pepper.
Flavors: When consumed, it delivers a smooth experience with a subtle cheesy funk.
Appearance: The plant exhibits robust growth and features medium-sized fan leaves. It is characterized by a noteworthy yield and impressive bud density that will stand out in your garden.
Back Story of Strain: The strain is the result of a cross between the highly-regarded Superwoman variety and an intriguing phenotype of CBGambit. It is worth noting that this strain displays some phenotypic variation. While being CBD-dominant, it also expresses notable minor levels of CBG, making it a genuinely full-spectrum hemp variety.
Size & Style: The strain exhibits medium internodal spacing, featuring a light green bud structure that matures with vibrant orange pistils.

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