Sweet Grass CBD Feminized Seeds
Sweet Grass CBD Feminized Seeds
Sweet Grass CBD Feminized Seeds
Sweet Grass CBD Feminized Seeds

Sweet Grass CBD Feminized Seeds

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Rediscover nature's sweetness with Sweet Grass CBD Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Harmonizing delightful flavors with therapeutic CBD potency, these seeds are a gardener's dream for both taste and wellness. Plant, nurture, and harvest the essence of Sweet Grass for a wholesome and flavorful journey.

Aroma: Unveil a medley of intriguing scents, featuring dark chocolate candies, apricots, and honey nut muffins.
Flavors: Upon inhalation, experience a sweet and skunky fusion reminiscent of honey nut muffins gone slightly off, followed by the refreshing taste of a cucumber garden on a hot summer day.
Appearance: This strain is known for its good yield, showcasing a captivating palette of purple, orange, light, and dark green hues. Its hybrid nature allows it to thrive in both relatively humid and drier climates.
Back Story of Strain: Created through a crossbreeding of Otto II Franklin with (Ringo's Gift x Cobbler), and subsequently crossed with itself, this strain was crafted with a focus on providing chronic pain relief and production.
Size & Style: Featuring strong branches and early resin production, this plant may initially captivate with its appeal, but its overall yield and resilience make it an object of affection, turning mere lust into genuine love.

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