Titan Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant

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Titan™ is a new variety we are excited to offer in limited quantities. The average blueberries are usually a little smaller than a dime. The Titan™ grows as large as a quarter. With berries this size, you can fill a bucket of blueberries in no time. This berry is not only large but delicious and sweet.

People like big strawberries and big blackberries. Now you can get big blueberries. Fruit is very firm and hangs well on the plant when ripe. The ability to hang well allows for even greater berry sizes to be achieved as berry size continues to increase after fruit turns blue. You will not want to miss out on this new variety! Titan will need cross-pollinating with another Rabbiteye variety. For maximum fruit production, we recommend planting at least three different varieties.

Estimated chill hours are 500 to 550.

Fruit Color: Blue

Fruit Size: Very Large

Ripens/Harvest: June - July

pH: 4.5 - 5.2

Years to Bear: 2 Yrs

Zone Range: 6 - 9

Plant Spacing: 3-5 ft

Pollination: Requires Pollination

Fruit Yield: 3-8 qts per plant

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

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