Ultralicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Ultralicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ultralicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Dive deep into a sensory explosion with Ultralicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Harnessing unparalleled flavors and potent cannabis genetics, these seeds promise a cultivation journey that's both intense and rewarding. Embark on the Ultralicious adventure and let your garden flourish with unmatched taste and vibrancy.

Aroma: This strain delivers an intriguing and unique aroma characterized by the scent of a fresh oil spill on hot Texas concrete. It's accompanied by a powerful combination of pine fuel and burnt gummy bears.
Flavors: The flavor profile of this strain is gassy and exotic, providing a captivating and smooth taste. It offers a subtly sweet aftertaste that enhances the overall experience.
Appearance: This strain boasts a striking bud structure and shape that is easy to trim, making it a practical choice for growers. Additionally, it exhibits great bag appeal, consistently catching the eyes of consumers.
Back Story of Strain: The creation of this strain was driven by the desire to develop a terpene-rich 1:1 THC/CBD cultivar that not only finishes with a vibrant purple hue but also possesses a gorgeous bud structure. This high-yielding plant combines all these attributes with a punch of exotic flavors.
Size & Style: Characterized as a vigorous plant, this strain is known for its ease of cultivation. It exhibits perfect internodal spacing, making it manageable and straightforward to manicure and trim.

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