Vendetta CBDV Feminized Seeds
Vendetta CBDV Feminized Seeds
Vendetta CBDV Feminized Seeds

Vendetta CBDV Feminized Seeds

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Step into the avant-garde of cannabinoid cultivation with Vendetta CBDV Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Pioneering the path with rich CBDV content, these seeds promise a unique therapeutic experience. Vendetta is not just a seed; it's a revolution in wellness. Join the movement and harness the future of holistic health.

Aroma: Emitting an intriguing aroma reminiscent of a fresh kiddie cocktail mixed with cherries subtly dipped in motor oil. It carries a unique musk, evoking memories of a family diner, with a floral undertone that lingers.
Flavors: Offering a clean, floral inhale followed by a musky aftertaste that adds depth to the experience.
Appearance: Distinguished by its incredibly dense flower brimming with resin glands, making it an undeniable showstopper in any garden.
Backstory of Strain: This variety was meticulously crafted to provide farmers with a secure option for cultivating a new cannabinoid. Unlike its predecessors, it boasts a remarkably fast flowering period and an impressive terpene profile.
Size & Style: A substantial plant characterized by long, resilient flowers, akin to an indica/sativa hybrid, and showcasing the best characteristics of both. It excels in producing significant biomass and flower yields.

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