Wild Wild West Hemp Feminized Seeds
Wild Wild West Hemp Feminized Seeds

Wild Wild West Hemp Feminized Seeds

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Embark on a rugged cultivation journey with Wild Wild West Hemp Seeds by Key to Life Supply. Echoing the resilience and spirit of the frontier, these seeds promise growth that's as robust as it is bountiful. With Wild Wild West, harness the untamed essence of nature and let your garden stand tall against the elements.

Aroma: Savor the diverse range of scents emanating from this strain, encompassing notes of purple soda pop, petroleum, duct tape, and a delightful blend of sweet mixed berries.
Flavors: A multifaceted flavor profile with a sweet grape undertone, intertwined with the grassy notes of motor oil and Texas tumbleweed, followed by a myrcene-infused exhale.
Appearance: This strain exhibits a striking appearance, featuring a bud structure that resembles a purple rainbow with a vibrant spectrum of 8-12 different colors.
Back Story of Strain: Crafted by crossing our Purple Cowboy with Orange Sunrise, this strain has inherited the legendary spirit of the old American West, making it a unique and storied cultivar. Saddle up, partner, for a memorable ride!
Size & Style: Known for its uniformity, this strain displays excellent lateral branching and dense buds that deliver a potent punch.

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