Fertilizing your Cover Crop

What? When? How?

  • It is important to fertilize your cash crop whether you utilize the benefits of a cover crop or not. What changes is the rate and frequency by which you apply your fertilizer
  • When using Key To Life Hemp Dress, consider 1-3 applications per year
    • The FIRST application should occur after harvest of your cash crop
      • If you are planting a winter cover crop, it is important to fertilize heavily to not only condition the soil over winter, but to help feed the winter crop and give it the best chance to help you in the spring (600-800 lbs/acre)
      • If you are not utilizing a winter cover crop, it is still important that you apply the product at the end of the year to inoculate the soil with beneficial microbes/fungi. We recommend a low-medium application rate (200-600 lbs/acre)
      • SECOND application occurs in the spring
        • If you utilized a winter cover crop, you can get away with a lower application rate for the product (200-400 lbs/acre)
        • If you didn’t use a winter cover crop, you will need to apply at a higher application rate (600-800 lbs/acre)
      • the LAST application should occur as the fruiting and flowering stage of the cash crop’s life cycle begins.
        • If you are utilizing an in-between row cover crop OR not, you should apply at a medium application rate (400-600 lbs/acre)
    • When applying the fertilizer in the middle of the season, it may be difficult to use the broadcast style system of fertilization, especially if you are using between-row cover crops.  In this instance, it may be easier to utilize the other water-soluble fertilizer solutions offered by Key To Life.
      • These include, but are NOT limited to:
        • Green9
        • Cal-NO-Mag
        • Uptake
        • Boost
        • Microbes
        • Fungi
        • Foliar
        • Silver Bullet sulphur
        • The Foliar product is utilized in a foliar manner either with foliar irrigation systems, or with spray tractor & even with a crop duster.
          • Most of the above products can be also utilized in a foliar nutrition program.
          • No matter your system, Key To Life has a fertilization solution for you!
            • Soil amendments
            • Soluble fertilizers and nutrients
            • Organic acids and bio stimulants
            • Biological inoculants
            • Foliar nutrition

        ...Check in next week for more on how to Manage your Cover Crop!


        “Garden responsibly, because we did not inherit this planet from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children!”

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