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The best method depends on the circumstances. Your cultivation may benefit from wet trimming, dry trimming, using both machines, or a combination of manual and machine trimming.


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The moisture level of your buds is crucial when trimming. Both dry and wet trimming have their benefits, and proponents of each approach are often passionate about their preferred method.


Technique for you

Customers often trim part of their harvest on the day of harvest and dry trim the rest later. Some only use a wet trimmer for removing fan leaves. Others cut the tops off the plants, dry them, and then let the remaining buds flower longer before wet trimming.

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Gain insights from industry experts on the most efficient approach for your cultivation operation to save time, reduce hassle, and save money.

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Nutrient Info


Nutrient Info



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Essential Macronutrients

Macronutrients Element Symbol Plant Form Functions in Plants
Nitrogen N NO3-, NH4+ Component of amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and coenzymes
Phosphorus P H2PO4-, HPO4 2- Component of energy-carrying phosphate compounds (ATP and DTP), nucleic acids, several coenzymes, phospholipids
Potassium K K+ Involved in osmosis and ionic and in opening and closing of stomata, activator of many enzymes
Calcium Ca Ca2+ Component of cell walls, enzyme cofactor, involved in cellular membrane permability, component of calmodulin, a regulator of membrane and enzyme activities
Magnesium Mg Mg2+ Component of the chlorophyll molecule, activator of many enzymes
Sulfur S SO42- Component of some amino acids and proteins and coenzyme A

Essential Micronutrients

Micronutrients Element Symbol Plant Form Functions in Plants
Iron Fe Fe3+, Fe2+ Required for chlorophyll synthesis, component of cytochromes and nitrogenase
Boron B H3BO3 Influences calcium utilization, nucleic acid synthesis, and membrane integrity
Copper Cu Cu+, Cu2+ Activator or component of some enzymes involved in oxidation and reduction
Molybdenum Mo MoO42+ Required for nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction
Manganese Mn Mn2+ Activator of some enzymes, required for integrity of chloroplast membrane and for oxygen release in photosynthesis
Chlorine Cl Cl- Involved in osmosis and ionic balance, probably essential in photosynthetic reactions that produce oxygen
Zinc Zn Zn2+ Activator or component of many enzymes
Nickel Ni Ni2+

Essential part of enzyme functioning in nitrogen metabolism