Fresh is BEST!

(especially for Smokeable Flower)

Any seasoned cannabis farmer will tell you that when it comes to smokeable flower, the fresher the product, the better! As smokable product ages it loses all of it’s desirable traits. What you may not know is that processing facilities feel the same way. So no matter how much material there was last year, the fresh product coming at the end of the season will ALWAYS be more desirable than the product from last year or the year before. Even if that product started out as the highest of the high quality, if it’s years old it will be of less desirable quality than fresh product of even a mediocre standard. If you take the extra step of properly growing your material with good quality inputs dialed in to perfection, harvesting it with care, drying it properly, then appropriately separating it, you will have next to no problem whatsoever selling your material.

What to do after harvest...? Check back next time!

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