Genetic Selection III, Seed or Clone? Part 2

Working with Seed Stock

Seed Stock Pros

  • Stronger root zone. This means more nutrient uptake, higher immunity and a stronger plant. The taproot of the seed/seedling means that the plant will be anchored into the ground, protecting it from strong winds and insulating it from fluctuating environmental conditions. Stronger roots also means bigger plants with higher yield.
  • Shorter veg time. As a more vigorous plant, a seedling will grow much more quickly, especially during the early stages. Considering how crucial timing can be, being able to count on a rapid vegitative stage is important.
  • Generally easier to establish an immune system. Since all of the growth on the seedling is truly new and young, it is an open canvas on which you have the opportunity to establish a proper microbiome.

Seed Stock Cons

  • The presence of males is an important con to establish early. Identifying males and removing them from your female stock is absolutely essential, especially if you are farming for cannabinoids and oil. A single male can pollinate plants up to ten miles away. On top of that, a pollinated plant vs. an unpollinated of the same genetic will produce anywhere from 25-75% less CBD. You must monitor the presence of males from the very beginning through to the point where you are completely sure that all the plants you have planted are male. Even on acreage, it is important to monitor the presence of males as much as humanly possible. 
  • On top of the males, there will also be multiple phenotypes in seed stock. You can count on anywhere between 3-10 phenotypes in a good, stable seed. This means that they will more than likely have a different terpene profile, structure, and/or cannabinoid profile. You will have to take this into account come harvest time if you want to maximize your efficiency.
  • You must take germination rate and potential die-off into consideration. Although good seed will have a 95%+ germination/survival rate, you must take this potential “loss” into account; and this is even more important the larger scale you are considering. You absolutely MUST purchase extra seed if you stand any chance of filling your field to capacity.

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Genetic Selection, Propagation & Proliferation on Your Own

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