Genetic Selection VIII, Purchasing Seed & Clone Stock - Part 2

Things to consider about Clones

When purchasing clones there are a few things you must consider:

First, your confidence in the genetics from which the clones came from.  

  • you must have as much information about the mother stock as possible. Including how old it is, how many rounds of clones have been cut off of it, certificates of analysis confirming its potency, in the history of its health and the tests and disease it has fought during its lifetime. 

Second, the quality/cleanliness of the facility they are propagated from. 

  • A knowledge of the IPM products use and the frequency and technique in which they were applied are essential, especially if those treatments work in a systemic fashion
  • The presence of any living pest or disease is a concern

Third, the media, nutrients and hormones used to propagate those closes. 

  • A soil-based media with organic nutrients is optimal

Fourth, the technique in which they are cut

  • Cut out at least a 45° angle

Additionally, you must understand lead times and get on schedule with your cloning facility to select optimal delivery date

  • Being unprepared for your clones when they are ready will not only frustrate your clones supplier because they will outgrow his space allotted for them, but if they overgrown in their cloning trays you may experience route development issues and stunted growth
  • on the other side, you don't want to take the clones too early before they've had a chance to fully develop their route system and become stable

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