Harvest Time is HERE!

So, you've grown a beautiful crop...
What now?

Considering which harvest method you are going to use begins before the season even starts. This is because your harvesting method is directly related to your crop selection and your planting method. A Hemp farmer who is planting 1-10 lbs of seed per acre with tight spacing and a crop selected for seed production with plants that are 3-8 feet tall will have an ENTIRELY different harvesting methods than a Hemp farmer who is planting 1/10 lb per acre with 4’x4’ spacing with plants 5-10 feet tall, selected for Cannabinoid isolates and/or full plant extraction production.

Before we talk about the different harvesting methods, we should explain the different types of Hemp crop available to today’s farmer...

Fiber Production
Seed / Grain Production
CBD Isolates / Full Plant Extracts
Multi-Purpose Production

...Check in next week as we start to dive into the details of each type of Hemp and how to handle that
at Harvest Time!

“Garden responsibly, because we did not inherit this planet from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children!”

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