Hemp for Seed / Grain Production

Down to the 'HEART' of the plant!

Hemp genetically selected for Seed Production (Dioecious Hemp variety) tends to be planted at an extremely high rate per acre (1-50 lbs). It tends to grow directly vertically with very little, if any, bilateral growth. Stalks are somewhat thin, but extremely rigid. It tends to produce very little actual flower material. Most of what is produced is stem and seed material.

If you are growing for seed/ grain production, more often than not, you are attempting to extract hemp protein from hemp hearts (the soft center of the seed) which are used for both human, and livestock feed. This means you will often require another step for extracting or cleaning the hemp hearts from the seed shells.

The harvesting method for grain/ seed producers is basically the same as fiber production. Use of Combine is most popular for this planting style. Wet bails are formed or combined material is left on the ground to dry and collected at a later date.

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