Micronutrient Intro

Don't overlook these little guys

Micronutrients are just as essential as the rest of the nutrients, but they are required at extremely low levels. This week we’ll explore part I featuring 4 of the 8 major micronutrients and their benefits: Magnesium, Sodium, Iron & Zinc. They can lead to plant problems like pH fluctuation, nutrient build-up in container systems and fields, and even the inability to uptake other nutrients in the soil food web. Just because we call them “micro” nutrients doesn’t meant they aren’t completely and absolutely essential for healthy plant and soil systems!

Over the course of the next eight weeks, we will discuss the reason for the classification of each individual micronutrient as well as what their deficiencies look like, what other nutrients they interact with, and what other problems they can lead to when they are out of balance.

Tune in next week as we begin to look more closely at the benefits of these micronutrients!

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