Micronutrients - B

Boron (B)

Boron is a big time helper molecule in the system. It has a synergistic relationship with more  nutrients than any other micronutrient in the system. When combined with Calcium, Boron helps to synthesise cell walls. When combined with specific enzymes, it helps regulate hormone levels. It assists a cast of micronutrients that are responsible for the translocation of carbohydrates, complex plant sugars and even potassium. Copper also assists other enzymes with the metabolism of nitrogen and the formation of plant proteins. When used in higher amounts, Copper can also help with reproductive growth, pollination and seed development. Deficiency of Copper appears as “rosetting” in new growth, flowers AND root tips!

Tune in next Wednesday when we'll be wrapping up our Micronutrient journey with Molybdenum!


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