Not all Biomass is created Equal - Part I

By now you’ve heard the widespread and misguided perception that there is “simply too much biomass currently on the market.”

This sentiment has caused misplaced concern with every-day farmers, who are massively scaling down their production or deciding not to farm hemp at all this season. This is more than a little concerning to us, as farmers will be missing the opportunity to refine their skills to produce desirable material, which will in turn, cause the industry as a whole to suffer. The reason being, processors need high-quality material, which is not what the market is saturated with. Over the next several blog posts we will consider the factors that affected the 2019 biomass quality, including initial quality, timing, drying & storage, degradation and even some horror stories. Finally, we’ll share some of the steps farmers can take to improve their outcomes and thrive. 

Check back as we dig into all of the factors that play into QUALITY Biomass!

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