Not all Biomass is created Equal - Part IV


Once a crop has gotten to the point where it has either degraded, rotted or molded over, it is (of course) completely useless. Oftentimes it must be disposed of by burning it to reduce the chance that you’ll contaminate your entire crop or your whole facility. A farmer recently told us that he was forced to dispose of his crop from 2018. When harvested, it tested out around 15% CBD and had a sweet and pungent terpene profile. The farmer stored the product in super-sacks in a barn. The product didn’t sell quickly because the farmer had not figured out the logistics of transporting it to the extraction site. After two years, the product had degraded, molded and smelled like hay (not a good thing). He was forced to throw his 35,000 lb harvest into the woods behind his house because “it does the squirrels better than it does me.”

Another farmer informed us that a few years back, they had to destroy an entire crop just two months after harvest. They had planted the field rather densely and decided to combine-harvest and wet-roll the product to dry in the field, similar to how they had done with hay in the past.  Unfortunately, they caught some poor late-season precipitation and their bales molded before they were dry. They were forced to burn everything. 

It’s stories like these that we are hearing more and more as time goes on. Farmers like these come to us because they want to do things right this time around. They understand that this plant is very different from anything else they have grown in the past and they want to see it meet it’s very high potential. They are generally referred to us by friends of theirs who worked with us and achieved and even surpassed their goals. They have seen the effectiveness of not only our products, but our guidance along the way and our willingness to help no matter what the situation. 

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