Primary Nutrients - The "K"

We wrap up our discussion of NPK with a deeper dive into...


Potassium (K) is an essential macronutrient. It is essential for many different processes within the plant. It assists with root growth and development, helps strengthen stems, assists in photosynthesis, helps control disease, the list goes on and on. One thing to consider with potassium (potash) is that it never actually becomes part of the plant chemical makeup. It remains unattached and can often exist in plant saps and extracellular structures. Excess potassium can lead to a blocking-out of other nutrients like magnesium. Boron is actually essential for translocation of potassium to leaf stomatas, so monitor you soil as much as possible! When growing hemp, excess potassium does not drive THC levels like Phosphorus and ammoniacal Nitrogen.

Check back next week when we start our exploration of secondary nutrients.

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