Secondary Nutrients - S

Sulphur (S)

Sulfur is EXTREMELY important when growing healthy plants of all kinds. It has a close relationship with Nitrogen in plant systems, so it should (in our opinion) be considered a primary nutrient. Sulfur is also directly connected to terpene enhancement. It does not matter which terpene we are trying to enhance (piney, gassy, fruity, sweet, sour), those complex terpenes will be more prolific with the addition of sulfur.

One of the most important aspects to consider when using sulfur is how bioavailable it is. Silver Bullet from Key to Life is specially equipped with an enzymatic ionic surfactant, which allows the polarity of water to not only solubilize the sulfur itself, but it makes it COMPLETELY and absolutely immediately bioavailable for both external (foliar) and root-drench applications! This means immediate effect, so you don’t have to keep applying and applying to see any sort of effect.

Tune in next week as we wrap up our secondary nutrient discussion with Sodium!

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