Soil Biology - Enzymes Part V : Summing it all up

The best version of this product is in a soluble powder form. Although it is extremely effective (one ounce of a product of this type can treat as much as 5,000 gallons of water), it is also extremely gentle. You can actually apply a product like this to 20 gallons of water with plants no more than a week old and applied directly to their bare roots constantly with no negative side effects whatsoever. Not only that, but a commercial grow can treat an entire 20,000 sq. ft. facility with a relatively small amount of product! 

Can it work in synthetic systems and extreme conditions?
YES!! Due to the nature of these products, these microbes are actually cultured in laboratories that use h salts as a part of the culture media. This means that not only can they survive in these synthetic environments, they can actually thrive. Even in fully hydroponic systems devoid of media, these microbes will colonize and continue to grow over time. On the other hand, this product is also effective in systems that can experience extreme temperatures, drought, salt, oversaturation, and even high guano conditions (you heard that right, high poop conditions). Effectively, it can work outdoors or indoors and in any type of media that you happen to be using growing nearly any type of plant that you can think of!

How do you use it?
The good thing about a product like this is that you can use it in almost any situation and apply it in almost any manner:

  • Foliar spray: to help fend off against mold and mildew buildups as well as keeping leaf stomata clean and working at peak efficiency.
  • With tea: right after you brew your tea in your tea brewer and subsequently through your drip lines after a feeding of tea to ensure that no bio buildup occurs and your system continues to run efficiently.
  • Container gardening: if you run into buildup or uptake problems with your plants. It can help break down those harmful exudates before they begin to poison your plants.
  • Hydro systems: to slow down the build up of salt in your system or media.
  • Aeroponic cloning machines: to eliminate and prevent root rot.
  • Soil surface spray: if you see the beginnings of algae colonies forming, or to knock them back if they begin to get out of hand.

The list goes on and on!! The more you learn about this product, try it yourself and actually use it properly, the more you’ll realize you should have had it in your arsenal LONG ago!!!

What does it all mean?
The long and short of it is this: no matter what kind of agricultural business you are involved in, no matter what you are growing, and no matter where you are located, you should be using more enzymes. Not just any run of the mill enzyme product you can get your hands on, but a microbially-safe, microbially-based enzyme product that is highly concentrated, soluble and affordable. You can stop problems you didn’t even realize you had, well before you ever knew they were a problem!! 

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