The best terpene enhancer is sulfur, here's why!

Hey there, let's talk about Key to life supply Silver Bullet. You may have heard of it, and for good reason. It's a versatile nutrient solution that offers a range of benefits for your plants.

First up, let's talk about its terpene-enhancing properties. If you're a grower, you know that terpenes are an essential part of the plant's profile. They're responsible for the aromas and flavors that we all love. Silver Bullet is a potent terpene enhancer, and the best part is that you only need to use it three times during your grow cycle. Add it during weeks two, four, and six at a rate of two, four, or six grams per gallon, and you'll see maximum terpene enhancement, regardless of the strain. Whether you're looking for pine, citrus, lavender, or any other terpene, Silver Bullet provides that stem cell to create any terpene on the profile tree.

But that's not all. Silver Bullet also contains sulfur, which is a secondary nutrient that's often missing from other nutrient systems. Sulfur is critical for plant growth and development, and without it, your plants won't be as healthy or vigorous as they could be. By adding Silver Bullet to your nutrient regimen, you're ensuring that your plants have all the nutrients they need to thrive.

And if you're looking for healthy clones and vegetative plants, look no further than Silver Bullet. Try giving your plants a full plant dunk in this stuff, and watch them light up with energy and vitality.

If you're new to using Silver Bullet or have any questions about how to use it effectively, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, 303-955-7838, or We're here to help you get the most out of your grow and ensure that your plants are healthy, happy, and thriving. So give Silver Bullet a try and see the results for yourself.

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