The Missing Link

Track and trace is the final straw for hemp to go mainstream and become a part everyday life for a majority of people. However, it is an extremely tedious process and must be given the due diligence it deserves.

When you talk about track and trace, you are talking about tracking everything, and we mean EVERYTHING!! Every single application of fertilizer, IPM product, foliar spray, amendment or supplementation must be date and time stamped with exact application rates and the name and applicators license of the person who applied it. Temperatures, humidities, barometric pressures and precipitation must be tracked multiple times a day, every single day throughout the entire season. Insurance on the buildings and even the crop (when available) must be registered and proof must be readily available. Soil reading, water analysis and residue tests must be done multiple times per year. You even need to track (if possible) what your neighbors and surrounding farms are doing as far as cross pollination, pesticide application, runoff of synthetic fertilizers from watering the field, etc.

This is what much of the farming community has dealt with for quite some time. Products you see in places like Costco, King Supers and Safeway go through rigorous testing and are forced to track that product from the beginning of its’ life to the time it hits your shopping cart. If we want hemp products in these places, then you can expect these same standards to be held.

Check back to see the underlying key to success!

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