Use Fulvic acid to supercharge your grow!

Hello there, today we're going to talk about the importance of fulvic acid in our grow systems. Fulvic acid is a vital component in delivering the nutrients that our plants need across the cell wall and making them more bioavailable. At Key to life supply, we have a unique fulvic acid product called Uptake that is 97% pure and has the highest concentration on the market.

Unlike other fulvic acid products that come in liquid form and only contain 3-5% fulvic acid or dry forms that top out at 20-30%, Uptake stands out because of its high purity and concentration. It can be used with any growing system, whether you're using a synthetic or organic system. Using Uptake in your grow will make your plants more efficient and reduce your nutrient costs.

By incorporating Uptake into your nutrient program, you'll notice that your plants will be happier and healthier overall. It is a great way to ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to thrive. Plus, using a high-purity fulvic acid product like Uptake will ensure that your plants are not receiving any unnecessary additives or impurities.

If you're interested in boosting your plant's uptake of essential micronutrients, consider trying Uptake. At Key to life supply, we believe in providing high-quality products at an affordable price. You can find Uptake and other products on our website,, for as little as $4 each. Check us out today and see the difference that our fulvic acid product can make in your grow system.

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