Anden Dehumidifier, 130 Pints/Day

Model: A130
Sale price$ 2,178.00


Industrial Dehumidifier 

130 Pints Per Day. 120v. 

Grow environments require high-capacity, specially designed dehumidifiers to control humidity and protect crops. From the serious hobbyist to medium-sized commercial facilities, Anden industrial dehumidifiers are designed to operate effectively in the extreme conditions of any indoor cultivation environment. The Anden A130 Dehumidifier delivers superior performance, capacity, and reliability that you won’t find in the portable units sold via retail. With 130 pints per day removal capacity, integration with smart controls, and a 5-year warranty, you can trust Anden to protect your crop. 



High-capacity, low energy 

Digital user interface with mounting options 

Crop-level external control and sensor options 

5-year warranty on all parts including refrigeration system 

Ducted and suspended applications 

Drain connection 

MERV 11 disposable filter 

Programmable for dehumidification and air circulation 

Corrosion-resistant aluminum coils 

8 ft. power cord (grounded plug) 


Capacity: 130 PPD 

Energy Factor: 2.8 L/kWh (5.9 pints/kWh) 

Voltage: 120VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz 

Current Draw (amps)1: 8.3 Amps 

Power (Watts)1: 920 Watts 

Weight: 113 lbs. 

Width: 19 ½” 

Height: 18 ¾” 

Length: 30 1/16” 

Warranty: 5 years on all parts 



Drain Fitting 

10 ft. Drain Tubing 

Duct Collars 

Installation & Operating Manual 

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