Anden Industrial Grade Dehumidifier, 320 Pints

Model: A320V1 (240V)
Sale price$ 4,955.00


Grow-Optimized Industrial Dehumidifiers 

320 Pints Per Day, 240v/277v. Anden A320V1/A320V3 Dehumidifier is designed and built for grow, with materials proven to perform in the extreme conditions of the grow room environment. Utilizing Anden Dehumidifiers for your grow facility will help ensure achieve your desired humidity balance for maximum growth potential. 

Better. Removes up to 2.9/2.6 liters per kilowatt-hour, for maximum energy efficiency. 

Faster. Reaches maximum performance in under 3 minutes for maximum moisture removal. 

Smarter. Most intelligent dehumidifier in its class, with on-board and remote monitoring, sensing & diagnostics. 


Self-sealing air filter for efficient protection of components; with easy access for replacement 

Included hanging kit doubles as lifting handles, provides easy, flexible installation 

Pre-installed electrical plug is easily removable for hard wired application, providing flexible installations 

Float switch terminals for easy set-up 

76 remote control communicates with the dehumidifier, relaying all diagnostics from the dehumidifier to the control display; simple to monitor 

Whether you are starting seedlings, rooting cuttings or drying, humidity control is critical. Humidity rising above 60% can lead to molds, mildews, and other unwanted biological growth. High humidity can also prevent plants from properly taking in CO2, preventing efficient photosynthesis. Anden helps create an environment that drives transpiration at an optimal rate, while helping prevent disease outbreaks.



Capacity: 320 PPD 

Energy Factor: 2.9 L/kWh at 240v OR 2.6 L/kWh at 277v

BTU: 4,156 

Current draw (amps)(1): 11.1 

Power (watts)(1): 2,309 

Weight: 180 lbs. 

Width: 32⅝"- Height: 24"- Length: 24¼" 

Warranty: 5 Years on all parts 



  • Dehumidifier 
  • Filter 
  • Hanging Brackets 
  • A76 Control 
  • Drain Fittings 
  • Drain Tubing 
  • Thermostat wire 
  • Drain Trap 
  • Screw Driver 

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