Key To Life Nutrients - ENDzyme

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Size: (8 pods) .5 lb
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Enhance growth while keeping your system clean!


Directions for use:

Root Drench, Hydro/Aero, Foliar & Tea: 1 pod/50-150 gal H2O

Soil/Top Dress: n/a

Approx. pod quantities: 8 oz. = 8 qty, 32 oz. = 32 qty, 10 lb. = 160 qty, 20 lb. = 320 qty, 50 lb. = 800


Use this product in the rooting/vegetative & fruiting/bloom state of life.


Use dechlorinated/RO/high quality H2O (quality may change seasonally). Keep nutrient mix/H2O aerated & below 73 degrees. Maintain proper pH levels, between 5.5-6.8. Monitor PPM & EC with Meter. This is a supplement, use in addition to current regimen. Change nutrient mix every week.

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