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Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods
Endzyme Pods

Endzyme Pods

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This is an advanced nutrient to enhance growth while keeping your system clean for cannabis!  Similar to sensizyme and Hygrozyme but incredibly better.


Directions for use:

Root Drench, Hydro/Aero, Foliar & Tea: 1 pod/50-150 gal H2O

Soil/Top Dress: n/a

Approx. pod quantities: 8 oz. = 8 qty, 32 oz. = 32 qty, 10 lb. = 160 qty, 20 lb. = 320 qty, 50 lb. = 800


Are you terrified of a dirty grow?  Are you tired of gunky
systems & endless scrubbing?  Harsh chemicals zapping your yields? Feeling stuck in a clean-&-grow rut?  Use this product in the rooting/vegetative & fruiting/bloom state of life.  It's an Endzyme amino acid for cannabis.


Use dechlorinated/high quality H2O (quality may change seasonally). Keep nutrient mix/H2O aerated & below 73 degrees. Maintain proper pH levels, between 5.5-6.8. Monitor PPM & EC with Meter. This is a supplemental amino acid, use in addition to current regimen. Change nutrient mix every week.  Sharing similarities with sensizyme and Hygrozyme.


Skip the complicated formulas & chemical spills.  This is akin to sensiyme organic amino acids.
Drop a single ENDzyme Pod in your system & witness the magic unfold.

Similar products include Sensizym and Hygrozyme.  

7 Bacillus Strains: These specific bacteria play diverse
roles in enhancing plant growth, suppressing harmful
microbes, & breaking down organic matter quickly.
Active Biological Stimulant: Stimulates the growth of
beneficial microbes in your system, contributing to long-
term cleaning &ecosystem balance. 
First Microbially Safe Enzyme Product: Stands out in
the cannabis world, where harsh chemicals can harm
plants & beneficial microbes.
Continuous Enzymatic Activity: Root ENDzymes provide a
one-time clean & microbes continuously produce root enzymes for cannabis, leading to sustained cleanliness & improved system health.

If you love our Endzyme Pods, try Silver Bullet!


This product can be used as a foliar spray, root drench, surface spray or full-plant dunk.

Recommended application rate is one (1oz) soluble pod per 50-150 gallons. Maxiumum application rate is one (1oz) pod per 20 gallon.

Most programs only need one application per 1-2 weeks. Root Drench applications can happen multiple times a day, every day if the program calls for it. Foliar applications should be no more frequent than 1-2 times per week.

This product can be used on seedlings, rooted clones, saplings, early vegetative, transition, flowering, late-stage fruiting, and even post-harvested plants/produce!!

This product is effective on pretty much anything that grows. All plants including vegetative plants, fruiting and flowering plants, succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants including shrubs, trees, grass and bushes, low-light plants and even large-scale agricultural crops.

This product is viable in solution for 2-3 days in an un-agitated reservoir and 7-10 days in an aerated and agitated container

Yes, absolutely. Due to the nature of this product and how it is derived, it is compatible with organic and synthetic nutrients alike.

In general, the desired pH for a plant nutrient solution should be between 5.3-6.2. Since this product contains additional microbes, so you should avoid adjusting your pH by more than 1.5 points.

This product contains a suite of microbially-derived enzymes as well as a full complex of active aerobic microbes that continue to produce enzymes over time given the appropriate conditions and food source.

NO! You do not need any additional surfactant when using Silver Bullet.

Two main things differentiate ENDzyme from other enzyme products. First, it is not only micribially safe, it containains its own microbes that produce enzymes over time. Secondly, it is the highest concentration (yet the most gentle) enzyme product available in horticluture.

This product does not show a tentency to product negative reactions with any product currently available for agricultural pruposes

One (1oz) pod per 20 gallons of solution, every other day for at least 3 applications or until the problem is resolved.

As a best practice you always want to spray with the lights off or just as the lights are turning off/on as a precaution, even if you're just spraying water. However, it is not mandatory to turn the lights off to apply this product.

No, there is no stage at which applying this product as a foliar spray that is "too late"

Yes. We recommend a respirator and full-sleeve protective gear including goggles, gloves and close-toed shoes when applying this product. This product contains aerobic microbes and should not be inhaled

We recommend a 1-2 hr REI before re-entering the room, especially in a sealed indoor environment. In an outdoor environment, once the product has settled on the leaf surface and the water portion has evaporated/dried, you are safe to be near the plants without PPE.

We do not recommend you spray the product with pets/animals in the room. Also, the product should be kept safe from animals who may inhale/consume the product directly.

Yes. Since this product contains it's own compliment of aerobic microbes, it is highly compatible with microbial/compost teas

No. This product is incredbily gentle. During testing, we applied 20x the highest recommened concentration and observed no negative effects, even on late-stage/post harvested plants.

No. It actually works with beneficial bacteria and fungi because it contains microbes!

Yes absolutely! Even though the pod is 100% water soluble, you can definitely break it open as needed for smaller applications.

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No Mess!


No Measure!


No error!

A Powerful Catalyst

Enzyme assists with chemical reactions in plants that combines the power of active biology to assist with cleaning and helping the plant system.

Small Carbon Footprint

Our packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint, has more active ingredient, & is cheaper in the long run than any other brand out currently on the market.

for the best garden you’ve ever grown

Maximize Efficiency

Promotes beneficial microbial activity in your system.

Reduce the Headache

Growers can alleviate issues like root rot and organic build-up in their reservoir or drip lines with enzymes.

7 Species

7 types of beneficial bacteria species assist with the cleaning process, and colonizes the clean surfaces with the power of active biology.

Better for tomorrow

Our products are eco-friendly! They have a low carbon footprint, use less water, contain no synthetics, and have a higher percentage of active ingredients compared to water fertilizers.

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