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Silver Bullet

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CCOF Certified Organic Product                       NOFA Certified Organic Product             



Silver Bullet utilizes sulfur, which is an essential nutrient that aids in terpene and oil production in plants. It promotes vigorous, healthy growth in the vegetative growth stage as a foliar spray and aids in both terpene and resin production as a root drench in the flowering stage. Sulfur deficiency can cause new leaves to look yellow or pink, reduced foliar growth, and cause serious damage to your plants. Prevent or treat a sulfur deficiency with Silver Bullet!


Guaranteed Analysis:
Sulfur (S)           97.86%

97.86%    Free Sulfur (S)

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:

2.14%   Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl, a-(nonylphenyl)-w-hydroxy

Directions For Use:

Just add to dechlorinated water, then spray, mist, or feed it to your plants as a root drench to maximize terpene production and enhance flavors!

Root Drench: 1/2 tsp(2g)/gal H2O
Foliar: 1/2 tsp(2g)/gal H2O
* increase dosage as needed (up to 10g/gal)

Silver Bullet can be applied as a foliar spray during the vegetative stage, and as a root drench in flower to aid in terpene and resin production.

Use dechlorinated/high quality H2O (quality may change seasonally). Maintain proper pH levels, between 5.5-6.8. Monitor PPM & EC with meter.

This is a supplement, use in addition to current regimen.

Do NOT exceed 15g per gallon!
Do NOT use on plants treated with an oil-based product in the last 2-4 weeks!

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This product can be used as a foliar spray, root drench, top dress, soil amendment or full-plant dunk.

Recommended application rate is between 2-4g per gallon. Maxiumum application rate is 10g per gallon.

Root Drench applications can happen multiple times a day, every day. Foliar applications should be no more frequent than 1-2 times per week. Top Dressing/soil amending should occur once per plant stage.

This product can be used on seedlings, rooted clones, saplings, early vegetative, long-term vegetative, and transition plants for all application types. As a foliar spray the use of this product should be discontinued on day 1 of flower if you are "extracting" from your plants, and day 14-21 on all other flowering plants. This product can be applied as a root drench for all stages of a plant's lifecycle.

All kinds of media. Coco, Peat Moss, Outdoor soils, Rockwool, Soilless Media, Lava Rock, etc. It is compatible in all media types

This product is effective on pretty much anything that grows. All plants including vegetative plants, fruiting and flowering plants, succulents, indoor plants, outdoor plants including shrubs, trees, grass and bushes, low-light plants and even large-scale agricultural crops.

Simply measure out your desired amount of product on a dry-weight scale, then add to clean water.

This product is viable in solution for 1-2 weeks in an un-agitated reservoir and lasts even longer in an aerated and agitated container. Although the product may settle to the bottom of the reservoir, it is still viable.

Yes, absolutely. Due to the nature of this product and how it is derived, it is compatible with organic and synthetic nutrients alike.

In general, the desired pH for a plant nutrient solution should be between 5.3-6.2. HOWEVER, when using Silver Bullet as a stand-alone product no additional pH solution is required. Unless the starting pH of your water is highly out of whack (lower than 5.0 or higher than 8.0) to begin with.

This product contains over 97% elemental sulfur. The ONLY additional ingredient is an enzymatic ionic surfactant coating around the sulfur molecules

The enzymatic ionic surfactant is what makes Silver Bullet unique. Its ability to utilize the polarity of water molecules to actually grab onto the sulfur molecules makes this the most bioavailable, water soluble and instantaneously effective sulfur product on the market.

This product should not be used in conjunction with oil-based products; ESPECIALLY neem-oil containing or neem-derived products containing asaridactin. You should wait 14-21 days post the application of an oil-based product before using Silver Bullet. You can shorten this window by "washing off" the oil residue on your plants with a microbially-based enzyme product or similar leaf wash product.

Usually no, but it can be. If you have recently used a neem-oil containing or neem-derived products containing asaridactin, that residue can become harmful if left on your plants too long. If you recently applied another oil-containing product, the residue is not harmful but can be aesthetically displeasing. The product can be easily washed off with water or a microbially-derived enzyme product.

10g per gallon, every other day for at least 3 applications. Then start to taper back until you fall back to the 2-4g per gallon, one time per week, schedule.

As a best practice you always want to spray with the lights off or just as the lights are turning off/on as a precaution, even if you're just spraying water. However, it is not mandatory to turn the lights off to apply this product. There is simply a higher chance the water-portion of the solution will dry off before the product can be properly absorbed/utilized by the plant and will leave a residue similar in color to the product pre-mix.

No, it will not kill your plants. However, undesirable sulfur residue can linger even to post-harvest and is generally undesirable. If the product is being consumed directly, you MUST wash it off before consuming it if you have applied a sulfur-based product during the fruiting/flowering stage.

We recommend a respirator and full-sleeve protective gear including goggles, gloves and close-toed shoes when applying this product. Sulfur-based products are a skin irritant and should never be inhaled.

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Let's compare

May the best system win...

Small Carbon Footprint

Our packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint, has more active ingredient, & is cheaper in the long run than any other brand out currently on the market.

Water soluble

As a wettable sulfur, it stays suspended in tanks and can be applied as a foliar spray.  A good mixture to start clones with is 2-4 grams (½-1 teaspoon) per gallon of water.  We recommend increasing the dose by 1g each time you apply the product up to 10g/Gal.  

This mixture should be sprayed on the upper & under side of the foliage, giving it a good drenching.  We suggest one foliar or root drench per week.


Essential Nutrient

In fact, we believe macronutrient ratios should read N-P-K-S to include sulfur. Available sulfur is lacking in most nutrient lines and therefore most grow systems. Sulfur helps balance other nutrients like Nitrogen, and can even out inconsistent height, along with other issues.


Terpene Enhancer

Nutritionally balanced plants require less energy to create complex terpenes and plant sugars. Not only that, plants can use sulfur as a stem cell for the creation of nearly any terpene. Smell for yourself - you’ll notice a difference in your plants within 12 hours of a root zone application of Silver Bullet.


Enzymatic Ionic Surfactant

Silver Bullet’s unique feature allows the sulfur to solubilize better and be more bioavailable than traditional elemental soil sulfur. Our enzymatic ionic surfactant uses the polarity of water to physically adhere the sulfur to water molecules themselves and uses the osmotic effect of water to be more available and active in your plant and soil system!

let us do the work

Most sulfur products on the market are oil based, which can cause burning and inconsistencies. 

Our enzymatic ionic surfactant causes the product to mix itself, making dispersion and solubilization effortless.

smart feeding

Silver Bullet utilizes sulfur, which is an essential nutrient that aids in terpene and oil production in plants. It promotes vigorous, healthy growth in the vegetative growth stage as a foliar spray and aids in both terpene and resin production as a root drench in the flowering stage.

better for tomorrow

Silver bullet boosts nitrogen uptake and stimulates oxygen absorption.  Sulfur is an essential element for life and is found in two amino acids

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